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Socialization Ease of CDP Export & Domestic Multimodal Services (to/from) Semarang

Tuesday, February 27th, 2024, Cikarang Dry Port in collaboration with Customs and Excise Semarang held a socialization event “Ease of CDP Export & Domestic Multimodal Services (to/from) Semarang” at Aston Inn Pandanaran, Semarang.

This socialization event aims to provide an understanding of the ease of multimodal CDP Export and Domestic services (to/from) Semarang. The MyCDP application is our new innovation to increase efficiency and comfort in routine service activities at the Cikarang Dry Port.

This event was opened by Noor Yusuf – Director of Cikarang Dry Port and Galih Elham Setiawan – Head of KPPBC TMP Tanjung Emas, Semarang. They hope that this implementation system and application can help the Customs and Excise team and customer to be able to monitor each other in actual conditions in the field. This event was also attended by several customers, Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (Asosiasi Logistik & Forwarder Indonesia – ALFI), the government.

Thank you very much for your cooperation. Hopefully this event can provide insight regarding Cikarang dry port services. and can strengthen cooperation and synergy between us as dry port operators and Semarang Customs and Excise.

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