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Utilizing General Warehouse at CDP During Eid Holidays

With a strategic location close to industrial centers and important transportation routes, the general warehouse at Cikarang Dry Port (CDP) offers advantages for import-export activities. Strategically located near the Jakarta-Surabaya container railway, our facility serves as an important link in the logistics chain, facilitating smooth transportation of goods to the center of the economy.

In addition to its strategic location, our warehouse has customs clearance and parking services, as well as ensuring smooth licensing procedures for incoming and outgoing shipments. Apart from that, our facility also provides fish, animal and plant quarantine services.

In the logistics sector, we recognize the importance of efficiency in meeting various customer needs. With our strategic location and complete range of services, you can utilize the warehouse facilities at Cikarang Dry Port to optimize your supply chain.

Contact us to find out how our public warehouse can support your logistics needs and drive your business to success.


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