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Understanding Logistics: An Important Pillar in Modern Business

In the era of globalization and digitalization, logistics not only includes sending goods from point A to point B but also encompasses various complex processes that ensure goods or services reach consumers efficiently, on time, and in good condition. It Covers various activities such as transportation, warehousing, inventory management, material handling, packaging, and distribution.

Transportation is an important pillar in logistics activities, involving all forms of goods movement. Transportation efficiency greatly influences shipping costs and times. Meanwhile, warehousing involves storing goods until they are ready to be distributed or used, and good warehouse management helps maintain product quality, reduce losses, and optimize storage space. Inventory management aims to maintain a balance between supply and demand for goods. It is important to avoid shortages or excess stock, which can be detrimental to the company.

Technology plays an important role in improving logistics efficiency. Some of the key technologies used in modern logistics include transportation management systems to plan, execute, and optimize the delivery of goods; warehouse management systems to control and manage warehouse operations from when goods enter to when they leave; and the Internet of Things (IoT) for real-time tracking and monitoring of the condition of goods. Although technology has brought many advances in logistics, there are several challenges that are still faced, including fluctuating fuel prices that affect transportation costs and varying regulations in different countries or regions that can affect international logistics operations.

Cikarang Dry Port provides important pillars in one integrated area. Activities in the Cikarang Dry Port are supported by the presence of fish, animal, and plant quarantines as well as customs services. Ensuring comprehensive support and all logistics needs.

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