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Optimizing Business with Export and Import activities

In this era of globalization, international trade has become the backbone of the global economy, and export-import activities play an important role in connecting markets around the world. Cikarang Dry Port (CDP) is here to provide integrated facilities in terms of warehousing, transportation, quarantine, and customs clearance. Traditional service counters have given way to E-Kiosk machines, streamlining processes and offering faster, more convenient service. This shift not only elevates customer satisfaction but also exemplifies CDP’s commitment to innovation.

The main advantages of using export-import facilities at CDP are efficiency and certainty. With our extensive experience and network, we ensure that goods are delivered safely, efficiently, and on time.

Cikarang Dry Port also offers real-time tracking services that allow customers to monitor the movement of their goods from start to finish. Thus, utilizing export-import facilities at CDP is not only about simplifying business processes but also being a solution for your logistics activities.

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