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E-Kiosk Tools and Physical Counter Closing at CDP

In March 2024, Cikarang Dry Port (CDP) officially close its physical counters. A major breakthrough has been made to increase efficiency and convenience in logistics services. Now, all services can be accessed via a sophisticated E-Kiosk with complete features.

E-Kiosk is not only a counter replacement platform, but also an integrated control center that offers a complete solution for your logistics needs. From checking prices, printing gate passes, printing invoices, monitoring behandles and tracking containers, everything can be accessed easily and efficiently by touch of your finger.

If you need help or further information, E-Kiosk provides a contact officer feature, as well as select the billing or customer service team, then our staff will immediately come to help you quickly and efficiently.

We are committed to continuing to provide the best service to our customers, while continuing to move forward in facing future challenges. Welcome to a new era of more sophisticated, efficient and effective logistics services with E-Kiosk at Cikarang Dry Port.


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