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Dollar Strengthens, Could Prices of Goods and Services Rise?

The rupiah exchange rate, which continues to weaken, is like a black cloud hanging over the Indonesian logistics sector. The shadow of rising logistics costs is increasingly real, bringing concerns to entrepreneurs and consumers.

Port costs, which are one of the main components of logistics, are predicted to increase due to the use of the US dollar. It is feared that this will burden entrepreneurs and ultimately trigger an increase in the prices of goods and services.

However, don’t panic yet! There are several strategic steps to minimize this negative impact, including:

  • Efficient Operations: The port streamlines import/export, cutting transit times. This offsets potential cost hikes, as faster processes reduce storage and inventory expenses.
  • Risk Mitigation: Centralizing operations at the port reduces currency risk during transportation and customs clearance. Its expertise helps navigate regulatory challenges, minimizing disruptions from exchange rate fluctuations.

One of them is Cikarang Dry Port (CDP), which continues to improve service quality by providing 5 days of free time for imports and 7 days of free time for exports. Apart from that, it reduces total logistics cost of your import and export business.

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