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Ben Line Bundling Scheme Via Cikarang Dry Port

Thursday, February 29th, 2024, Cikarang Dry Port in collaboration with Ben Line Agencies in Indonesia held a socialization event “Ben Line Bundling Scheme Via Cikarang Dry Port” at Holiday Inn, Cikarang.

This socialization event aims to the export new strategy via Cikarang Dry Port demonstrates strategic forethought, technological prowess, and a dedication to driving positive change in the world of international trade. As businesses embark on this transformative path, the port serves as a beacon, ushering in a new era of efficiency and connectedness to the global export scene.

The speakers at this event were Ronald Nugroho – General Manager of Terminal Business Cikarang Dry Port and Edwin Budihardja – General Manager Liner Division from Ben Line Indonesia. They introduce and create awareness for customers about the new export scheme, its features, and the benefits to both schemes. Also Communicate any environmentally friendly initiatives related to the new export strategy.

This event was attended by 40 people from 30 companies. We hope that the information conveyed by Cikarang Dry Port and Ben Line can provide solutions for your future export activities.

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