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Export & Import from Cikarang Dry Port

Export and import could be done directly from Cikarang Dry Port under Multimodal Transport Bill of Lading provided by our shipping lines partners. Such services connects Cikarang Dry Port to any ports of call around the world. Customs clearance, Quarantine clearance any export import formalities could be done at Cikarang Dry Port.

How to Begin?

  1. Contact your preferred shipping line and logistics provider
  2. Compare cost and benefits, compare to existing arrangement
  3. Renegotiate with your shipper or consignee if they are the one responsible to arrange shipment based on your incoterm
  4. Register EDI to as trading partner of Cikarang Customs Office
  5. Update your permit if necessary
  6. Register your customs broker and trucker to CDP’s smart port system
  7. Book your shipment through shipping line or forwarder
  8. Conduct customs, quarantine and other clearances as required
  9. Pickup or deliver your shipment through Cikarang Dry Port

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