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Cikarang Dry Port Against Pandemic

Who would have thought that the COVID-19 pandemic would still continue for the second year since it started. No one denying that COVID-19 has changed many things. Starting from simple things that we usually do everyday, wearing masks, wash our hands and keep our distance. Work activities that previously had to be in the office are now carried out at home, as well as other activities that previously required face-to-face meetings are now carried out online. Such conditions require us to continue to adapt, must continue to work actively, productively, and creatively.

Cikarang Dry Port has taken the necessary steps to keep it active, productive and creative:

  1. Ensure the implementation of strict health protocols in all work areas, routine testing, vaccination and provision of health supplements
  2. Optimizing communication technology in work as part of an effort to increase agility amidst the restrictions on activities required by the Government
  3. Optimizing the workspace is also one of the practical steps for the Company to continue its activities without having to ignore the health element.

Staying productive and optimal during a pandemic requires openness and awareness from all parties. Cikarang Dry Port has done it and is proven ready to always adapt in the midst of these situations. May we all always be given health and enthusiasm to be able to face this situation.


Sauson Indriarso

HRGA Manager

Cikarang Dry Port


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