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Cargo Tracking Solution

It is worrying not having visibility when your cargo is on transit or on delivery. Either it is high value cargo or important supply for your business. For very critical cargo, you might even lose your sleep worrying all night and day.

Proteksi Usaha Indonesia offers solution for secure cargo tracking, providing safety, security and end to end visibility for your cargo in delivery. Combined with fleet and inventory management, it would be a powerful tool to improve your logistics and supply chain operation time and efficiency.

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MyCDP 2.0 Mobile App

MyCDP 2.0 mobile application would help you to manage your shipment smoothly during in your activities. It features online payment system over multiplatforms; android, iOS

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Holiday Season Logistics

Typically, the holiday season following Eid al-Fitr is accompanied by truck restrictions on the highway and main road to accommodate homecoming activities by urban workers.

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