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Coffee Morning CDP Behandle Management System

Friday, November 18th, 2022, Cikarang Dry Port in collaboration with Customs and Excise Cikarang held a socialization event “Coffee Morning CDP Behandle Management System (C-BMS)” at Cikarang Dry Port. C-BMS is an application from a collaboration between CDP and Customs Cikarang which aims to provide information to customer during the process of physical inspection (behandle).

This event was opened by Bagus Nugroho Tamtomo Putro – Head of KPPBC TMP Cikarang, he hopes that this application can help the inspection team and customer to be able to monitor each other in actual conditions in the field so that existing queues can be handled properly. The presence of C-BMS is expected can bring a benefits such as live updates, visible, easy to monitor, actual time stamp, recorded and data integrity. Some of the C-BMS menu features are monitoring area, execution dashboard for custom, execution dashboard for CDP to live monitoring for customers.

Noor Yusuf as Director of Cikarang Dry Port also believes that this application is one of the new facilities offered by Cikarang Dry Port for customer to be able to monitor the physical inspection of their goods anywhere and anytime.

Thank you for the presence of customers, we hope that this new breakthrough can provide benefits and improve together.

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