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Cikarang Dry Port Supports NLE Implementation

Indonesia National Logistics Ecosystem (NLE) is aiming to harmonize flow of goods and documents, providing end to end visibility and accessibility for logistics users. It focuses on data exchange, process simplication, remove redundancy, and promote collaboration among logistics providers, matching supplies to demands. It would become a huge digital platform connecting and integrating existing logistics systems. Cikarang Dry Port appreciates this government’s initiative and ready to support and join in NLE implementation.

Thursday, January 27th, 2022, Laksamana TNI (Purn) Prof. Dr. Marsetio, Ministerial Expert Advisor and Dr. Sahat Manaor Pangabean as Ministerial Expert Staff at Coordinating Ministry of Maritime and Investment, visited Cikarang Dry Port. The aim of this visit were to learn Cikarang Dry Port’s system and facility, and to promote and accelerate the implementation of National Logistics Ecosystem.

“We would like to study and observe the well running system here at Cikarang Dry Port, integrating their system to our National Logistics Ecosystem, and to study the possibility to duplicate their systems in other industrial zones. Hopefully it would help improving national logistics and connectivity, improving industry’s competitiveness and contribute to national economic recovery in this 2022.” said Dr. Sahat Manaor Pangabean during their visit.

“We appreciate the work visit today. Cikarang Dry Port fully support NLE and ready to integrate our smart port system as our sinergy together as part of the national logistics ecosystem.” said Benny Woenardi, Managing Director of Cikarang Dry Port.

Also attended the visit were representatives from Coordinating Ministry of Economics, Directorate General of Customs and Excise, Agricultural Quarantine, Pelindo, etc.

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